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Discover all the wonders that Morocco offers from the beautiful beaches to the Sahara Desert. 

Book an organized trip from our selection or order a tailor made trip organization. 

Authentic 8 days Road Trip

Includes 2 nights in our luxury camp in Merzouga


Travelling to Morocco is possible again!
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Travel with kids Morocco

The greatest legacy we can leave to our children is happy memories !

Discover all the wonders that Morocco offers with your kids.


Travel solo, with your friends or with kids in Morocco is a thrill. 

Choose from one of our exceptional experiences or combine them, we will design the perfect trip for you. 

Sahara Safari

Get ready for one of your lifetime experience. Here is the exceptional moment to celebrate your birthday, honeymoon or just life. You will get to your camp riding a camel while watching the sunset as your eyes are spread in a sea of sands with silky waves undulating.

Explore Hidden gems of Marrakech

Marrakech has all of the ingredients for an exceptional getaway as it is exotic and offers a sensual atmosphere. Full of warm and inviting people and luxurious places and restaurants, you can’t get enough of it.

Road of a Thousand Kasbahs

Follow the ancient caravan route through the Atlas Mountains to the amazing Dades Gorges following the Road of a Thousand Kasbahs. Exceptional sceneries will follow as if you were a protagonist in a movie. Crumbling Kasbahs where nomad hearted people are happy to show you around will keep your breath.

Blue dream in hikers paradise

You will fall in love with the prettiest town north of Morocco. Chefchaoune feels like its own world. Get lost in its beautiful blue streets and visit the Kasbah and get the vibe of the city. Nature lovers will love Akchour and it’s natural springs.

Why Travel with asgunfa ?

We are the luxury travel agency that save you time by designing tailor made trips that you hardly can create your own.

We think through all the logistics and take care of you every step along the way so you can travel worry-free.

We take you behind-the-scenes of a destination with local insiders and deliver authentic experiences.

News to travel to morocco

Updated on 14 June 2021


Travel is Back 

Flights will begin on June 15, 2021 for 50+ countries

Negative PCR test less than 48 hours is mandatory

Vaccination pass to travel without restriction*

Travel is safe

20% of people are fully vaccinated

Guides have been provided with a hygiene kit

Limited customers in shops, restaurants & museums

Happy customers

"Thank you so much for all of your work on this trip. We had an amazing time and would gladly come back to this amazing country again"

Dina & Friends

"Habiba organized the most amazing retreat for our female group. Everything was settled perfectly and the guide in Morocco was so understanding and fun"


"What an amazing country, delicious food and traditional culture. I can only recommend to visit this country and its hidden jewels"

Daniel & Susan

Morocco to your home

We handpicked the most beautiful & exclusive products for you. 

Shop asgunfa handmade products and empower directly local communities 

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