Exploring Marrakech

Adventurers | Families | Couples | Friends

September – June

 4 – 5 nights

You might have already visited Marrakech but here is a chance to get to know it better with a resident or by yourself. Marrakech has all of the ingredients for an ultimate getaway as it is exotic and offers a sensual atmosphere. Full of warm and inviting people and luxurious places and restaurants, you can’t get enough of it. While there is plenty to keep you engaged for a week, you can still see the essence of this North African city in a long weekend.

Discover what’s beyond Marrakech with your private driver as magical landscapes are a few minutes only away from the city or stroll through the interior courtyards of the Bahia palace and let yourself be enchanted by the blue of the Majorelle Garden and the magic of the Yves Saint-Laurent Museum.

A shopping experience can be organized with a resident of Marrakech who will take you to hidden places and get you the fair price for each item you desire.

You might wanna experience the night life with friends or family as Marrakech offers all kinds of restaurant and night Shows. We will advise you the best entertainment possible from the live show to the the oriental restaurant and book for you the best table.

Designing Your Journey

asgunfa will design the perfect itinerary for an immersive journey. We know the destination inside and out, and we are at your side to give you recommendations based not only on your travel needs and preferences but also based on our previous experience.

Where to Stay

We only feature first-hand Riads and hotels that we already tried. Our members will receive special treatment, early check in or late check out and more.

Just minutes from the main square Djemaa el-Fna, we selected for you chic and quiet Riads. Traditional Moroccan houses with interior gardens or courtyards, and with only a few rooms, Riads offer a more intimate and exclusive experience. Luxury whispers rather than shouts, and neutral colours are highlighted by design motifs and glittering gold lanterns. The serene inner courtyard is the place to relax with a mint tea after a long day in the city.

What to See and Do

Stroll on the Djemaa El-Fna square, animated all times and get lost in the labyrinth of souks, between handicrafts and spices of all colours. Don’t miss the immense minaret of the Koutoubia mosque and the Moorish architecture of the Ben Youssef madrassa.

You will have the choice between hand picked activities or selected fancy places to chill in where you will relax and refuel. Trendy rooftops will serve you fresh drinks and inventive dishes mixing international with Moroccan twist.


Ready to dream ? Let us help you !

Your trip is fully customizable. We will plan it from A to Z.

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