Travel to Dakhla, Morocco’s most beautiful place

Dec 15, 2021

Between the expanses of rocks and sand of the Saharan desert and the refreshed coast of the Atlantic Ocean, welcome to Dakhla. The southernmost city of Morocco in Western Sahara, on the road to Mauritania, you will find this small seaside resort which has everything to be a paradise on earth.



  • By plane: One flight per day from Casablanca. with Royal Air Maroc. There is no nonstop flight yet!
  • By bus: From Marrakech, Agadir and Laâyoune at least one trip per day!
  • By car: The road trip across Morocco is an adventure to do. Crossing these thousand landscapes from the mountain to the desert is something incredible that I can’t wait to do. In the meantime, the road which separates Laâyoune from Dakhla is only deserted. But in the end, it’s an incredible chance to drive through the desert.




  • There are a large number of hotels and apartments for rent in the city center at good prices.
  • If your budget is a little more flexible, I invite you to sleep in the Kitesurf camps: Dakhla attitude, Dakhla évasion, Océan vagabond … a pretty non-exhaustive list of absolutely magnificent eco-responsible places.


Daklha is a very well known and popular destination for kitesurfers. However, it is still little known to the general public of travelers due to its isolated location, far from everything and its limited offer of accommodation. We are here, still preserved from the madness of Marrakech tourism, in a true haven of peace. However, Morocco really aims to develop tourism in this remote region of Western Sahara by bringing to life the beauty of the landscape and the cultural richness of the Sahrawi peoples. Here you will not find the Morocco you know but a little gem of sand and ocean located 1600 km from Casablanca.


25 km north of Dakhla is the Boutalha oyster farm. It is possible to visit the production of oysters, but above all to eat them! The oysters are of high quality and at a ridiculous price. Moroccan families come to spend the day in this small restaurant to eat oysters, knives and grilled fish. A delight ! I recommend the oyster tagine, it’s surprising!




Your trip in Morocco is not complete if you don’t go to the souk. Dakhla’s doesn’t have very big one, but it is lively and colorful. There are fruit and vegetable and fresh fish stalls outside, and inside the building the spice stands, the bakery and the butcher.




Dakhla is the perfect destination if you want to add an unspoiled destination to your Bucket-list. Serenity, breathtaking landscapes and natural beauty, these words are not enough to describe this beautiful destination. Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy secluded beaches by choosing a stay in Dakhla, the kitesurfing capital of Morocco, is indeed a rewarding experience. Discover a unique culture, explore the region like a local and enjoy the best moments of your kitesurfing experience.

Situated along the narrow peninsula of the Atlantic coast, Dakhla is home to a flat water lagoon and spectacular waves, making it one of the most popular water sports destinations in the world. Kite with birds flying in the sky and dolphins in the lagoon.


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