Best activities to do in Agadir

Nov 20, 2021

One of the most famous seaside resort in the country. Destroyed by an earthquake in 1960, the southern city has retained its traditional heritage while undergoing modern renovation. Come to Agadir to relax on golden sandy beaches, shop in labyrinthine souks, discover highlights of Morocco and many more. The fishing village of Essaouira is easily accessible, as are the mountain villages of the interior. Here are the best things to do in and around Agadir:

1 – Golden sandy beaches

Agadir is a popular holiday destination to chase sun all year round. You will find a wide choice of all-inclusive hotels on the coast as well as guest rooms. The recent construction of a marina has also made it a good destination for boaters where boat trips along the coast can be arranged. Agadir’s long stretch of beach is lined with hotels and plenty of facilities, including plenty of cafes and restaurants, as well as umbrellas and sunbeds.

2 РGuided tour of the city 

The modern center of Agadir has some interesting monuments which make a nice diversion from sunbathing. The Great Mosque is a modernist style structure that is very unique in Morocco. For museum visits, the Amazigh Museum presents part of Bert Flint’s ethnographic collection, in collaboration with the Tiskiwin Museum in Marrakech, and is a good introduction to the culture and art of the Amazigh cultures in Morocco. . The Agadir Memorial Museum is built in memory of the tragic Agadir earthquake in 1960, which flattened the whole city. You will witness an interesting collection of black and white photographs of Agadir at the beginning of the 20th century.

3 – Shop in labyrinthine souks

Chase the colors, smells and sights of Souk El Had, which is open every day except Monday. It is one of the largest markets in Morocco, spanning over 13 hectares. Enter through one of the 12 doors and browse shops loaded with everything from fragrant spices and stacks of colorful goods, clay tagines, handmade rugs and housewares. While some sellers showcase fixed prices, you are mostly free to bargain.

4 – Discover Souss-Massa National Parc

Escape the city life for a leisurely day trip to Souss-Massa National Park. It covers 33,800 ha of wetlands, forests and undulating dunes resembling the Sahara. Its focal point is the Massa river, where exotic birds come to breed, including flamingos, cormorants and gangas; this is one of the only places in the world where you can see the northern bald ibis. Although it is possible to go alone by car, it is best to visit with an experienced guide.

5 – Discover Paradize Valley

This valley is a pretty gorge, about 60 kilometers north of Agadir, and a great destination to taste of rural Moroccan life. Close to it you will learn how Berber women make argan oil and experience some traditional beauty care products. You can buy everything related to Moroccan local products such as argan oil, honey and amlou. You can choose to chill around the lagoons or take a hike along marked hiking trails. You will get the chance tp pass almond and olive orchards and small villages along the way. You can swim in pools of mountain spring water.

6 – Visit Essaouira

Essaouira, 173 kilometers north of Agadir, is one of the most beautiful seaside towns in Morocco. Its preserved 18th century port fortifications have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can walk the narrow streets, admire the details on the buildings. White and blue being the main colors of this magnificent painting, several artists have decided to settle there.

Discover the many art galleries in the medina where local artists are exhibited, not to mention the beautiful street-art installations in the alleys of the medina. Admire the port of Essaouira especially when the fishermen return. Dozens of trawlers in the shipyard and many blue wooden boats moored in tight rows in the large harbor basin. Fishermen swap their freshly caught fish and seafood, and countless gulls and seagulls feast on leftovers all around.

Admire the sunset from the ramparts and listen to the sound of African percussions which resonates in all the alleys of the medina. Essaouira also lives to the rhythm of Gnaoua music, famous all over the world. The Gnaoua festival takes place every year during the month of June. The visit of Essaouira requires more than a day and largely worth it.

7 – Spend a day in Tafedna village

This small village is renowned for its tranquility and the beauty of its landscapes. Its bay, which extends over 4 km, offers a sandy beach in the hollow of the cliffs of argan trees making the Atlantic encounter a unique moment, far from the overcrowded beaches of the region. All along this beach there are houses and some small typical shops where you can go around.

8 – Visit Taghazout village

Well known for its surfing and laid back hippie vibe, you don’t have to surf or be a professional surfer to enjoy Taghazout. The village of Taghazout is made up of pretty white and blue buildings which are located literally on the coast with the buildings starting right by the beach just a few feet from the white crashing waves. Taghazout still has a really local and authentic feel. Many surf houses settle there thanks to its famous waves and offer surf and yoga retreats. If you love surfing or want to try your hand, Taghazout is for you. If you don’t, you can still enjoy the village, the beach, the relaxed atmosphere, and nearby excursions.

8 – Discover Southtern part of Agadir

South of Agadir, Mirleft is a small town that was built after the French protectorate. Its temperate climate and its geographical location, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Anti-Atlas massif, offer extraordinary landscapes. The red beach of Legzira is proof of this. Located a few kilometers away, it is ranked among the most beautiful beaches in the country. It is a quiet town where tea is drunk in the cafes of the main street, in the shade of the arcades. This town stretches along the hills that descend from the old ruined fort to the ocean. Many wealthy Europeans settled between Aglou Plage and Sidi Ifni, making Mirleft a haven for backpackers and travelers. Mirleft is know as a destination for surfers and hippies and has enormous potential for tourism development.

Morocco is a diverse country, we would love to help you choose the best experience that meets your needs. Contact us today to help you create an itinerary that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

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