What to do in Marrakech ? Top 5 Visits and Activities

Oct 31, 2021

1. Strolling through the Medina and the souks (an unmissable activity)

The Medina is the historic heart of Marrakech. You can see the oldest and most beautiful buildings in the city. The Medina is surrounded by huge walls, and one finds within it riads (traditional houses), palaces and many monuments. This is also where you can walk in the souks! We find all kinds of souks in the Medina: souk of spices, crafts, leather, etc. These places deserve to visit them to discover their atmosphere. The merchants are very friendly. You will certainly be tempted to take some Moroccan souvenirs with you!
You can visit the historic center of Marrakech on foot. To get around, you can take taxis or book a bus tour with stops. These buses have an open roof to offer panoramic views of the street and monuments. For more private and tailored experience, book a tour with us

2. Spend an evening in Jemaa-el-Fna Square

If you are looking for things to do in Marrakech in the evening, Jemaa el-Fna Square is for you! At nightfall, the main square of Marrakech turns into a place teeming with life! Merchants mingle with visitors and… animals. Don’t hesitate to play with the merchants! The whole is very touristy, but the atmosphere that emerges is unique.
It’s better to arrive on the square at the end of the day, during the sunset. The place will then begin to come alive.
It’s very easy to find something to eat. The square is indeed surrounded by restaurants with terraces. Some of these terraces are located high, which allows to have a beautiful view of the whole square and its animation. It is also possible to taste different dishes cooked on site and offered in small stands.

3. Visit the Majorelle Garden and the Berber Museum

The Majorelle Garden is one of the most visited sites in Morocco. The French painter Jacques Majorelle created this place. who took 40 years to complete his «work». one sometimes has the impression of evolving in a living picture. The colours of buildings and earthenware mingle with exotic plants. It gives the whole a bewitching charm.The place is not huge, but it is better to plan at least 1h to walk in peace.
Right next to the garden is the Berber Museum, one of the most beautiful museums in Marrakech. It is possible to book tickets combined with the garden to enjoy this tour at a reduced price. The place is dedicate to the Berber people, the oldest in North Africa. There are many objects showing their history, culture and beliefs (religious artifacts, clothing, jewellery, musical instruments, etc.). There are also maps listing the main tribes and their locations. It is an interesting visit to better understand the history of Morocco.

4. Admire the Koutoubia Mosque

The Koutoubia Mosque the heart of the Medina. With its 77-metre high minaret and sober yet elegant architecture. it is now considered the symbol of Marrakech. It has impressive dimensions and can accommodate up to 20,000 faithful in the large prayer hall.
The mosque is near the Jemaa-el-Fna square. You can discover these two sites during the same outing. its beauty from the outside, respecting local customs. Many believers come at the foot of the mosque during the prayer, so it is not necessary to be disturbing.

5. Riding a dromedary or quad in the Palmeraie

The Palmeraie de Marrakech is a natural and urban space. There are thousands of palm trees but also many houses. To discover this place, nothing like a camel ride or a quad ride! In an exotic setting, these unusual activities are really enjoyable!
The camel rides are rather short (count between 30 mn and 2h for most of the tours). this is part of the somewhat cliché activities that we recommend trying at least once in your life. It is also an ideal activity if you are wondering what to do in Marrakech with children.
If you don’t want to ride a dromedary, quad rides are also available in the palm grove. The scenery is then more beautiful and varied (we travel more ground). We took a lot of pleasure to drive at full speed on this desert space.

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