Morocco is safe and open for travel after earthquake

Sep 18, 2023

A week after the earthquake hit the Atlas Mountains and parts of Marrakech’s Medina, life in the cities is getting back to normal. People and local officials are working hard to help those affected. Everyone here is coming together. Moroccans are strong and hopeful.

Many areas still need tourists. In 2019, before the pandemic, tourism made up 12% of Morocco’s money. This year, we hoped to reach those numbers again.

Some visitors might be unsure about coming to Morocco now. But many places, like Marrakesh, are safe. Our local friends say the roads in Medina are okay. Rural areas might need more time to recover.

Travelers should talk to their travel agents for updates. We hope many will help by donating or visiting. Morocco is a beautiful place with friendly people. We invite everyone to visit and experience our warmth.

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