10 Must-Try Hiking Routes in Morocco

Apr 25, 2024

Morocco, with its diverse landscapes ranging from vast deserts to high mountains, offers some of the most stunning hiking routes in the world. Here are ten must-try trails for anyone looking to experience the natural beauty of Morocco on foot. We can include these experiences as part of the highlights of Morocco


1 -Toubkal Circuit

Location: High Atlas Mountains
Duration: 6-7 days
The Toubkal Circuit not only challenges hikers but also rewards them with breathtaking views from North Africa’s highest peak. The trek passes through remote villages and diverse landscapes, including rugged mountains and verdant valleys.


2 – Jebel Saghro Trek

Location: Eastern High Atlas
Duration: 5-6 days
Ideal for winter hiking, Jebel Saghro offers a less crowded alternative to the more popular High Atlas trails. Its dramatic rock formations and stark landscapes provide a unique trekking experience.


3 – M’goun Massif

Location: Central High Atlas
Duration: 5 days
This trek takes adventurers through colorful canyons, traditional Berber villages, and high plateaus. The highlight is ascending Mount M’goun, offering panoramic views of the surrounding Atlas Range.


4 – Chefchaouen Ridge Walk

Tanjia is a typical dish in Marrakech: to go there without tasting this iconic dish would be heresy. While they say it was created by workers who, not having time to go home to eat, took all the ingredients they found, meats, spices, vegetables, put them in a jar that they then left to heat overnight. Today, it is a dish of meats and spices cooked for long hours in an earthenware jar and served in many restaurants in Marrakech.


5 – Ouirgane Valley

Location: Western High Atlas
Duration: 1-3 days
The Ouirgane Valley, with its terraced landscapes and almond groves, is ideal for those looking for a peaceful trek. The area also features beautiful birdlife and springtime wildflowers.

6 – Sahara Desert Trek

Location: Merzouga or M’hamid
Duration: 2-3 days
Experience the stark beauty of the Sahara on a camel trek, camping under the stars. This is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the quiet expanse of the desert.

7 – Sirwa Peak

Location: Anti-Atlas
Duration: 6-7 days
Linking the Anti-Atlas and High Atlas, this challenging trek circles Sirwa Peak, featuring volcanic landscapes and traditional villages.

8 – Rif Mountains to Akchour Waterfalls

Location: Rif Mountains
Duration: 1 day
This day hike is perfect for nature lovers, leading from the Rif mountains through lush valleys to the stunning Akchour Waterfalls. Swimming in the natural pools is a refreshing reward after the hike. Make sure to take a knowledgeable guide that will take you far away from touristic circuits. For those in more adventurous spirit get ready to be taken on a hike to astonishing places in the middle of cannabis plantations while sharing a cup of tea with workers in there. On the way back, you will only need your swimsuit to swim from a natural pool to another until getting back to reality. 


9 – Paradise Valley

Location: Agadir
Duration: 1 day
Just a short drive from Agadir, Paradise Valley offers a gentle walk through palm-lined gorges, culminating in natural swimming holes that beckon for a dip.

10 – Atlas to Atlantic Trek

Location: High Atlas to Essaouira
Duration: 6 days
This unique trek takes you from the High Atlas Mountains all the way to the Atlantic coast, ending in the charming city of Essaouira. 

Each of these routes showcases the natural and cultural diversity of Morocco, making them perfect for hikers looking to explore off the beaten path. Whether you are a seasoned trekker or a casual hiker, Morocco’s trails offer something for everyone. If you don’t know which one to choose, contact us to put it together in your preferred itinerary. 



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