Highlights of Morocco

 Social impact : 5 beneficiary families

 From September to June

 10 days



Discover the hidden gems of Rabat and the coastal town of Casablanca. Moroccan treasures revealing fascinating medinas, fine gateways, mosques, museums and great port. Get to know the medieval city of Fez, unchanged since its founding 1000 years ago, here you’ll find mystical medinas, quirky and narrow streets, and original gates and forts. Not to mention the amazing blue city of Chefchaoune surrounded by Akchour National Park and the Sahara desert.

Highlights of the trip

asgunfa has designed the perfect itinerary for an immersive journey. We know the destination inside and out, and we made the perfect retreat for you to disconnect while discovering the beautiful sceneries of Morocco :

🚗 Private driver & friend to guide you in every step

🛌 Accommodation during 9 nights double occupancy

🥙 Most flavorsome & local cuisine on Half board

📸 Visit of imperial cities of Casablanca, Rabat, Chefchaoune, Fez, Marrakech

🐪 Camel ride & Safari to go deeper in the sand dunes of the desert

🎶 Gnawa music night around the campfire in the desert

🌳 Tree plantation to offset your carbon footprint

🥾 Hiking day easy or moderate in Akchour national park with a local

Step 1 - Explore Casablanca

The coastal city of Casablanca was founded by the Berbers in the 7th century.

Moorish white houses, which give their name to the city, are scattered along the coastline, contrasting with the elegant 1930s architecture of the French epoch.

Casablanca was immortalised in the famous 1942 movie, starring Humphrey Bogart, but was actually wholly shot in Hollywood.

Rising high above Casablanca and dominating the skyline is the vast Hassan II Mosque; its minaret soars up to an incredible 690 feet is one of the largest mosques in the world. Uniquely located, this splendid structure extends out over the Atlantic Ocean. 12 million people gave their own time and money to the construction of the mosque.  


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Step 2 - Road to the Blue city

After a moroccan breakfast, your driver will take you to visit Rabat, the current capital of Morocco. Here we will discover the elegant sweeping boulevards and palm-lined avenues built by the French. A guided walking tour through the narrow streets and dazzlingly blue houses of the 12th-century walled medina reveals another side of this splendid city of kings. When the French arrived in the early 20th century, this was the full extent of the city. 

In the afternoon we will hit the road to the blue city of Chefchaouen where you will stay in an authentic riad to get the most of the city. The town’s bright-blue buildings are mostly in the medina. As you stroll through, you’ll discover Andalusian arches and hidden streets colored in all shades of blue. 


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Step 3 - Hiking in Akhour<

Only few miles from Chefchaoune, spend the day hiking and exploring the natural park of Akchour filled with natural springs and waterfalls.

You will follow the steps of a local who grew up the same mountains who will take you to the most beautiful places of the park. Depending on the season you will swim in the natural springs of this cristal clear water. 

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Step 4 & 5 - Cultural immersion 

This morning we will hit the road to Ouazzane before getting to fez. This morning we explore Fez, the spiritual and cultural heart of Morocco. Founded in the 9th century, Fez is the most ancient of the imperial capitals and boasts the most complete medieval city of the Arab world. Your local guide will take you tp the ancient ramparts and gates outside the city and then take a walking tour into the medina. 

Time really does feel as if has stood still within the imposing medieval walls. This is the world’s largest urban car-free area, and horses and donkeys have right of way as they navigate through the narrow streets, delivering goods amidst the intricate maze of flat roofs, minarets, stairways and alleys.

Once inside you will discover more of the traditional crafts of Morocco. Silversmiths, potters, weavers, leatherworkers and tailors all ply their wares in the stalls that line the bustling streets.

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Step 6 - Between Atlas Mountain

This morning you will hit the road through the Atlas mountains. We will get the chance to stop in Ifrane, also know as the swiss village of Morocco. It was built during the French protectorate by the French as a hill station or “home away from home”. Not only were buildings designed in a similar style to French Alpine villages but plants and trees were also imported to give the city a European feel.

Then we will stop in the berber village of Azrou where you could meet some monkeys and Ziz Valley before getting to the Sahara Desert.

Then we will stop to see the monkeys within the surrounding Cedre Gouraud forest. The Barbary monkey are an endangered primate species that are very used to the presence of humans. Here, you’ll be able to walk in the forest with monkeys and see the mountains that look down on the village of Azrou.

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Step 7 & 8 - Getaway to the Sahara Desert

You will head south towards Merzouga, gateway into the golden dunes of the Sahara Desert. You’ll have the chance to choose your favorite camel who will take you watch the sun set over the Sahara dunes.

Your home for the next nights will be a private tented area with large comfortable beds as well as rich Moroccan carpets covering the sand and western-style bathroom facilities. Nothing will beat these night under the desert stars.

You will enjoy every night some moroccan entertainment around the campfire, delicious food and amazing company of Bedouin.

You will have the chance to drive through the sand dunes exploring the nomads life and some unique history of the region.

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Step 9 - Throughout berber villages

You will cross the High Atlas Mountains via the highest road pass in Morocco at 2260 meters above sea level, offering some exhilarating driving via lush valleys and traditional Berber villages.

You will get to know some of them as Kasbah Glaoui and Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou. Considered as living museum, some of them are used as the backdrop in many international movies. 

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Step 10 - Getting back to civilization

Drive back to get to the ocher city of Marrakech where you will spend the last night before you fly back home.


What makes this trip impactful


  • Your Marrakech tour is provided by our non profit organization partner Pikala which aims at supporting education and employment amongst youth by training local girls and boys to become professional bicycle tour guides. Furthermore, Pikala is supporting recycling project of bicycles coming from the Netherlands. Check them out on www.pikalabikes.com
  • You will support female cooperatives and local workshops by witnessing their hard work during our suggested visits along the way to the Sahara.
  • You will travel carbon free as we offset your trip carbon footprint by planting trees in cooperation with our partner High Atlas Foundation https://highatlasfoundation.org/



We offer you these 10 days amazing trip including 1 night in our luxury camp in Merzouga for 3015 € per person.



Dedicated guide

Private driver during the whole trip

Half Board

Assistance at each step

Activities with locals

Carbon neutrality


not included

Flight ticket

Additional meals

Add on activities


Monuments fees

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