An inter-party committee defends the usefulness of the Covid-19 certificate

Nov 8, 2021


Dining with friends, museum with family or traveling abroad. The health certificate allowed the Swiss to regain greater freedom, pointed out Thursday the interparty committee in favor of the Covid-19 law, submitted to the people on November 28.

“The Covid certificate is an essential key to getting out of the pandemic. It allows us to lead an almost normal life,” said Jürg Grossen (PVL / BE) to the media. And to list, alongside the presidents of all the major parties except the SVP, the advantages of sesame. Football matches, cinemas or restaurants are once again accessible without great difficulty.


Freedom to travel

The health pass also allows international travel easily, noted the Bernese. “Without, you would have to request a special authorization or fill out additional forms for each stay.” An obstacle for both pleasure and business trips. More than 2.2 million people enter and leave Switzerland daily under normal circumstances, he recalled.

The freedom of travel of the Swiss would be massively reduced, continued the president of the Vert’liberals. The introduction of a certificate only for trips abroad, often advanced as an alternative by opponents of the text, would be complicated and would take months.

Tourism and gastronomy would also suffer from such travel restrictions, pointed out Gerhard Pfister (Center / ZG). The absence of a health pass would be “devastating for society and the economy”, added Thierry Burkart (PLR / AG). “New lockdowns and safeguards could be introduced.”

“The certificate helps keep infection rates low and prevent overloading the health system,” said Lilian Studer (PEV / AG). “Hospitals and hospital staff must not again be called upon beyond the breaking point.”

Security and stability needed

The rest of the law, including financial aid, is also essential, noted Gerhard Pfister. Without these supports, “the uncertainty would be great”.

The additional daily allowances for the unemployed, the extension of indemnities for partial unemployment or for events would fall, he recalled. “The branches concerned need legal certainty and stability.”

The Covid-19 law is “the only safe way out of the pandemic”, pleaded Cédric Wermuth (PS / AG). “Whoever says no to the text is playing with fire: he or she risks a prolongation of the crisis without having the guarantee of sufficiently solid economic aid.”


Less intrusive light certificate

Balthasar Glättli (Vert-es / ZH) has applied to dismantle the two main arguments of opponents of the text, namely discrimination and mass surveillance. “People who are cured or tested are not at a disadvantage.” With the certificate, they, like the vaccinated people, can have more freedom.

Switzerland also has a light certificate, which is much more “thrifty” in terms of data than those of neighboring countries, continued the Zurich resident. Only the name and date of birth of the person being checked, as well as his or her authorization or not to participate in the event, are indicated. The monitor does not even know whether the person has been tested, vaccinated or cured.

In addition, there is no central data bank, he added. “The alternative would be a physical list or the previous applications, less secure.” Both solutions centralize data. “Anyone who uses Facebook or surfs the Internet without a specific browser gives data hungers far more information about themselves than the certificate does.”

Less present in the campaign than the referendaries, the supporters of the text are however leading the polls. They would collect more than two-thirds of the votes.

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