How to spend a Weekend in Agadir

Dec 3, 2021

Your weekend in Agadir will take you to a colorful and lively world. The streets of Agadir are full of life and the population warmly welcomes travelers to share with them a rich and varied culture. Buildings, places of worship and markets are architectural treasures that often fascinate visitors, as does the unmissable beach.

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Avoid crowded places

If you want to avoid the crowds of tourists during your stay in Agadir, you should not visit the medina, the souk and the markets which, by the diversity of the artisanal products on offer, attract a lot of people.  Also visit the museums and sites retracing the history of the city and its culture, such as the municipal museum or the memorial wall.

Discover flora and fauna of natural parks

Prefer natural sites, gardens and parks that will allow you to discover another Agadir, proud of its flora and fauna. Souss Massa National Park is an essential natural gem of this region, for nature lovers. Its landscapes and panoramic views are of exceptional beauty. This vast 33,800 hectare park created in 1991 is located between Agadir in the north and Tiznit in the south, at the mouth of the Massa and Souss wadi. This space offers discovery trails with magical landscapes: coastal cliffs, dunes, wetlands as well as steppes.

Neighborhoods and monuments to visit

The Casbah of Agadir Oufella is the most majestic and unmissable building in the city. This fortress offers a panorama on the city and the sea and is the site not to be missed during your weekend in Agadir . The Agadir medina will immerse you in the heart of Moroccan craftsmanship, as will the more modern Souk El Had. Finally, the marina will be the opportunity for a quieter walk by the sea before going to the beach to enjoy the Moroccan sun.

Gastronomic specialties

Dates, fines, pistachios… are dishes very appreciated by Moroccans who often add these ingredients to their typical recipes. You will therefore have the opportunity to taste it regularly during your weekend in Agadir. Do not hesitate to enjoy mint tea, with its sweet flavor and thirst-quenching benefits under the Moroccan sun. A short stay in Agadir would not be complete without having also tasted the tagines, couscous, pigeon pastillas and briouats, bricks stuffed with meat.

The locals give us their tips

The most beautiful places to visit
If you are a nature lover, your weekend in Agadir will take you to the valley of the birds. This natural site, in the heart of the city, covers 2.5 hectares and presents the local flora and fauna. The Olhao garden can also be an opportunity, during your weekend to stroll in peace before taking advantage of its proximity to the memory museum to visit it, which traces the important historical moments of the city.

What to bring back from Agadir
The Moroccan culture of Agadir being very rich, you will undoubtedly find many souvenirs and gifts to bring with you. Handicrafts, to be found in the souk or in the medina, will offer you many clay and leather objects. You will also find the famous argan oil and sumptuous ethnic jewelry. Finally, culinary dishes such as honey cakes or dates, fines, pistachios are easily transportable and will remind you of the taste of Agadir.

Must do
The Agadir market is an enchanting place where colors and smells mingle to the delight of visitors. You will discover typical products and spices from Morocco. You can also stop, during your weekend in Agadir, in front of the Mohammed V Mosque, an architectural masterpiece and unmissable place of worship in the city. The Talborjt craft complex will also allow you to discover the art of Agadir through its traditional crafts and its small colorful stalls.

5 questions before leaving for a weekend in Agadir

1 – Is the city made for me?

Between beach, historical sites and unspoiled natural spaces, you will inevitably find activities that will suit you during your weekend in Agadir . Fans of shopping will also be delighted thanks to the many markets, the medina and the souk. The warm temperatures and the possibility of swimming will encourage you to punctuate your visits in the small streets of the city with moments of refreshing calm. During your stay, you will also enjoy local specialties to taste a gastronomy with astonishing flavors.

2 – When to go?

The ideal period to enjoy a weekend in Agadir is very long. It is from April to November. Agadir being the first seaside resort of Morocco, many tourists, in particular French, take advantage of the months of July and August to visit the city and to go to the beach. Rather, plan outside these two months in order to better enjoy the city without suffering the tourist crowds. May and June are two months when the temperatures are pleasant and the precipitation not very numerous.

3 – How to get around?

Getting around the city can be a problem during your weekend in Agadir, especially if you are traveling with your own car or a rented vehicle. Indeed, the streets of the city are very crowded and it is therefore difficult to clear a passage. In addition, some drivers may not be respectful of the Highway Code, driving can be slightly dangerous. Buses, private taxis, collective taxis or tourist shuttles will be more suited to your travels. Finally, nothing beats walking to move between certain monuments close to each other.

4 – Where to stay in agadir ?

The cost of staying can be very affordable in Agadir. Avoid bad, inexpensive hotels, on the contrary, you can find good services for very affordable prices during your weekend. Finally, do not hesitate to negotiate with merchants who offer too expensive prices, it is a tradition, so play the game!

5 – What are the local specialties?

Agadir is a gourmet city and this character trait is reflected in its culinary specialties. So don’t hesitate to enjoy dishes like royal couscous or bidawi. Tagines with meat and prunes are also typical dishes of the city. And of course, during your  weekend in Agadir , you will taste the pastries made with fine, pistachio and honey. The bread specialties are also essential and delicious.


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