Why and how to travel to Morocco

Dec 3, 2021

Morocco is a living culture steeped in traditions, which invites discovery.

Looking to the future while being attached to its heritage, the “distant sunset country” will bring an appreciable cultural dimension to your holidays with family or adults

Enjoy walks in the old quarters, local gastronomy, meet locals over tea, there is so much to do!


Why choose a trip to Morocco ?

If you like the sun and a change of scenery and you don’t mind mingling with a crowd of tourists, Morocco is undoubtedly for you! Your trip to Morocco  will also appeal to hiking enthusiasts, surfers, nature or beach lovers for an ideal stay. Come and enjoy exceptional refined cuisine during your  stay in Morocco. Exclusive domain for women, it is up to them to pass on the secrets of their couscous, tagines, pastillas, soups and salads, most often to their daughters. Moroccan cuisine is rich in vegetables from the sun (tomatoes, peppers, zucchini), onions, garlic and spices of all kinds (cumin, coriander, etc.). Olive oil and lemon juice complement many dishes. Oriental pastries alone constitute a rich heritage. if you eat one or two for breakfast, your carbohydrate intake will be optimized in the morning and you will be ready to go for miles. Based on honey, almonds, sesame seeds, pistachios, butter or orange blossom, they are a real treat for the palate. Book your hotel in Marrakech on Asgunfa and treat yourself for an all inclusive trip.

Your trip to Morocco  will also allow you to learn more about the local culture by strolling in the famous souk of Marrakech or by offering yourself a hammam session. Morocco is also a country open to tourism and everything is there to make visitors feel good. In the comfort of your hotel complex, you will experience an exotic week of vacation rich in varied activities. Sports enthusiasts can treat themselves to scuba diving or go on a camel trek in the desert. A  trip to Morocco  is also an opportunity to discover the charm of the Atlantic coast of western Morocco with the superb cities of Casablanca, El Jadida, Essaouira, fez or Agadir. Between its natural and cultural riches and its wide range of leisure activities, this destination promises you a complete stay!

Where to go to Morocco ?

If you are very “city”, Marrakech, Meknes, Fez or Rabat contain wonders not to be missed under any circumstances, in particular the very popular Marrakech with its Medina classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.

Beach lovers will rather head to Agadir or the beautiful Essaouira, while hikers will have a blast in the High Atlas mountains or in the dunes of the Sahara. Fly to Morocco with the airline  Royal Air Maroc and Book your  trips on asgunfa.


When to go to Morocco ?

As for the weather, everything will be determined by the season you want to go to and the destination chosen. If the winters can be very cold in the Atlas (down to -20 °!) And the summers very hot in the desert with the siroco blowing hot air, know that for the majority of tourist destinations, there is no t really isn’t a very bad season to visit this beautiful country.

The two best seasons to discover Morocco are undoubtedly the off-seasons, spring and autumn, where all the infrastructures are in place but where you will not be overwhelmed by the heat, nor by the omnipresence of tourists.



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