Travel has more to offer than just taking vacations

Sep 1, 2021

I can think of at least four reasons to travel. First, some of you love to travel to discover the world and meet another culture, taste new food and learn about their way of life. Others would travel to relax from their past year, have slow days surrounded by family. Few others would travel to the same place every year when this place holds a lot of souvenirs. Finally some are just happy to check their bucket list and fill their social media platforms of beautiful pictures of the places they have been to.

The feeling that we get after few weeks away from home keep holding us for the next weeks until our next holidays. Is it because we have rested enough ? Is it because we have seen our family ? Is it because we have discovered new places?

Depending on where your family is, travelling help us reunite with the ones who matter most. And this means the world to me specially during these challenging moments of a pandemic. What about you ?


Travelling from home or not 

Summer travel-free days feel like they were from another era, making the passing of the last months feel like never ending. I hadn’t seen my family for over a year and that was my main reason of travelling to me.

Of course, we had kept in touch regularly through Whatsapp and video calls, but it’s just not the same as being together in person. Not worrying anymore about low phone battery, not being able to hear each other or speaking on mute. All frustrating things that are not even measurable to in person meet ups.


A glimpse of normal holidays

After being fully vaccinated, we jumped into a flight from Geneva To Casablanca. We were supposed to stay there for 2 weeks, then prolonged for 4 weeks then 6 weeks. We couldn’t get enough of family, good food, and sunny Morocco.

There is no doubt that during these week, we took the opportunity to travel around North of Morocco to meet some of my travel partners and dig into some hidden gems that Morocco has to offer. Of couse, we had been to the blue city of Chefchaoune, then we have stayed in an eco farm in the Rif mountains with the locals while hiking during the day in Akchour and swimming in its waterfalls. We have visited the beautiful city of Tanger then the small cities of Assilah and Larache. I have also been scuba diving in the beautiful cost of Mediteranean see in Belyounech beach more than once, It was amazing !



All these beautiful trips are memorable, however the most incredible memories are the ones that we had with our family either gathering by the beach, around a diner table or just laughing. So no matter the destination, remember that summer vacation vibes bring people back together.

What about a reunion trip with old friends or family ?

Of course make sure to do it safely, but just do it because you never know what the future holds.


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