What to do in the Sahara desert

May 28, 2021

As the largest and one of the driest deserts on the planet, it’s safe to say that there are very few places in the world like the Sahara Desert. The endless sea of sand dunes, all in different shades of gold, is the perfect setting for a once-in-a-lifetime getaway in a life filled with adventure, fun and unique experiences. Most people want to visit the Sahara Desert and explore it on the back of a camel. While this is definitely an exciting adventure to be had, there is a lot more you can do in the wilderness! Find our suggestions below.


Put your scarf as a nomad

When arriving there, you will first get dressed up by a local nomad who will show you how to wrap your scarves for optimal sand and sun protection. Curious to know how to put your scarf like a nomad ? Tie a knot 30 cm from the edge, then thread the scarf over your head with the knot at the back and the rest of the fabric in front. Then twist the fabric at the front of your head, firmly so that the scarf fits well on your head. Make as many turns as necessary. Block the fabric in the back part of the scarf, above the knot. Release the fabric held at the back by the knot to pass it to the front. It then masks the lower part of your face, in order to protect it from UV rays and sand. Let’s go for the adventure!



Climb on the back of a camel

If you are hiking in the deserts, riding a camel is somewhat of a tradition for visitors and tourists. Taming these majestic beasts with an oriental flair and a walk through the desert may seem trivial and rustic, but it’s a lot of fun. Enjoy this amazing ride chasing the sunset until getting to your camp.




Spend a night (or more) in the Desert

The best way to appreciate the charm of the desert is to spend the night there. Sleep in tents the oriental way and enjoy the bountiful nature of the Sahara Desert. Accompanied by a storytelling guide and you’ll experience the magic of the desert in its entirety. You will arrive to your berber style camp with a warm welcome from the nomads. These camps can range from basic, simple Berber-style desert camps to very luxurious camping. Get ready for a hot meal inside in the dining tent. You will get a big bowl of Harira soup as a starter then a typical tajine as a main course.


Luxury camp Merzouga


Sing around the camp fire

After your diner, head to the campfire prepared by the locals. On winter nights, when temperatures drop at night, this is the best way to keep you warm. The rest of the year, a camp fire is the perfect spot to grill your marshmallow. All this with a Gnawa band that will play some traditional musique around the campfire and sing some traditional musique. Heating up, some of you will start singing with them and dancing on the desert vibes.


Campfire traditional gnawa music Merzouga Morocco 


Sahara safari

Jump into your 4*4 to go deeper into the sand dunes of Merzouga. Visit the nomad tents where some Moroccan families are stills living in an astonishing way. Share a cup of tea with them with some typical bread. You will visit the Khamlia village known as the Gnawa village. Famous music from the region, a ritual that communicates with the mysteries of the desert. You can play with them and catch the vibe to dance on the rythme of the desert. It’s a still, calm and peaceful place that you will love so much and you will want to come back to this beautiful people.


Safari in the Dunes Sahara 


Spa day desert style

If you have come to the desert for the good weather, you can also enjoy a moment of relaxation. This is the legendary sand bath which consists of lying down for 30 minutes in a previously dug hole. This method has been practiced for centuries and it is very good for sore muscles, limbs and some skin diseases. They say that it’s most effective in the heat of the summer months. This might not be the most conventional spa in the world, but it sure is very interesting experience.





Did you know that you can slip from top of the dunes as if you were snowboarding in the Swiss mountains ? In the Sahara Desert, the sandy dunes become the perfect hill on your own sand/snow board. There is no sand lift however to take you on top of the dune, only your feet will. Ask for one of the massive golden dunes around your camp and have fun!


Sandboarding in the Sahara dunes



We would love to help you plan the best Sahara experience possible. Contact us today to help build an itinerary that meets your needs and goes beyond your expectations.

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