The village of Akchour

Nov 10, 2021

Akchour a natural wonder located on the road to Oued Laou. In the village Talambot located 33 kilometers from Chefchaouen. A landscape of sources of white water that flow throughout the year. When visiting Morocco, plan all day to discover this wonderful natural site. : Walk, swim, a Tagine in an idyllic setting. For adventurous souls make sure to arrive at the “Pont de Dieu”. It is a dream corner still virgin. Perfect for all lovers of hiking, in the gorges of Akchour.

The majority of tourist choose to make their trips tailor-made to fully enjoy their stay.
Akchour is known for its well-preserved natural landscapes.
The panoramic view is composed of green mountains. Combined with deep gorges with flowing springs and crystal-clear rivers.


The waterfalls and their environment, was declared as biosphere. Joined the list of protected reserve by UNESCO in 2016. It invite you to a sensory experience.

The path leading to the waterfalls is great beauty. It’s convenient to all members of the family thanks to the signs and locals living there.
The first route also provides access to another important geographical site, the Pont de Dieu.
Along the way you can see frail cane constructions and road ornaments like benches that help to give the area a magical aura.
As the road becomes more complicated, the beauty of the area increases a notch. The waterfalls are each time larger until reaching the large waterfall of Akchour. You may notice that the water seems to have slowly carved a fairy-like.

The Monkey Trail

As stated above, this territory is rich in flora and fauna. Thus, it’s not unnatural to encounter monkeys on your trail. Most importantly, remember that these monkeys on your hiking trail are more or less harmless.

The species of monkeys called ‘Barbary macaque’ are indigenous to the range of Rif Mountains. These species limit their habitat to Moroccan mountains, Algeria, and some secluded territories in Gibraltar.

You will see them hopping from one tree to another and enjoying fruits on shady branches of trees. They are rather friendly and won’t cause you any trouble until you do something.

In a nutshell, akchour is the ideal destination for people looking to escape the meandering of the city.
Being in the heart of nature, the national park, remains welcoming, warm, simple beauty but attractive.
The simplicity is always close to the heart, Chefchaouen, the blue pearl is only few miles away.

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