The 4 best surf spots in Morocco

Nov 19, 2021

Morocco is a top destination for surfing. Besides the very pleasant climate and water at an ideal
temperature, there are high quality spots, among the best in Africa. Every year, thousands
of European surfers converge to Morocco to enjoy its long waves: superb «straight» more or
less hollow that will satisfy beginners as well as experienced surfers! In addition to sublime
waves, you can enjoy stunning scenery, one of the best foods in Africa, and the tranquility of local

Here is our ranking of the best surf spots in Morocco. Due to the orientation of the swell (mostly
north to north-west) and the cutting of the coast, most of the Moroccan waves are straight, the
paradise of regular surfers!

#4: Imsouane, the best surfing spot in Morocco for beginners

Long waves, a superb white sand beach and an atmosphere entirely turned towards surfing
make Imsouane an ideal destination for beginners surfers. The weak waves allow you to get up
quietly on the board. For the more experienced, there are many beaches in the area that allow
you to rub shoulders with more consistent waves, including the Cathedral, a quality beachbreak
just a stone’s throw from Imsouane Bay.

#3: Safi, one of the best tube spots in Morocco

Near one of the largest ports in Morocco, the Safi wave is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful
in Morocco. A long tube on the right that unfolds over hundreds of meters, magical! Tom Carroll,
the iconic surfer of the 1980s, even considers Safi to be one of the best surf spots in the world…
Only shadows on the board: water sometimes quite dirty because of the nearby port, and local
surfers sometimes not very welcoming with visitors.

#2: The Kettle, a wild and mythical spot for experienced surfers

Located between Taghazout and Cap Rhir, La Bouilloire is one of the best surf spots in Morocco.
Well sheltered from the prevailing northern winds in the region, the Bouilloire is a long straight
more or less hollow depending on the sections. While the wave is beautiful, it remains accessible
only to experienced surfers. Launching in the rocks can indeed prove dangerous!

#1: The Pointe des Ancres, probably the most beautiful point of Morocco

Just next to Taghazout, home of many surfers, the point of anchors, or «Anchor Point», is one
of the most beautiful rights of Morocco. On the best days, you will have the pleasure surfing
hundreds of meters and enjoying tubular sections. The tip of the anchors can be considered the
best surf spot in Morocco.

Surf season for Morocco is best in September through to March when you will find consistent swell, relatively warm water and warm air temperatures. The winter storms in the North Atlantic spin northwest swell down to the points and reefbreaks. Spring and autumn have similar conditions with hotter air temperatures, less consistent swell and fewer crowds. The summer months with its flat spells and stronger winds is generally avoided by surfers.

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