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Pick one of selection of rugs or order a tailor made rug, we are here to guide you. 

Our members talk about us !

"We acquired our first Berber rug with the help of Habiba. She was very helpful choosing the color that will fit our living room and it was really good to know that it was 100 % wool and colored naturally !"

– Angie from Meilen

"The rug made our home very special and on top of that it is worth knowing that it's made in fair conditions"

– Jenny from Männedorf

"I was waiting for the right moment to go to Morocco to choose the perfect carpet for my living room but because of this situation I was really happy to run into Habiba who showed me the different carpets she had in stock in Zurich then I was able to order a special one"

– Stephanie from Dietikon

"I run into asgunfa because I wanted so badly to visit Morocco with my children then I run into their shop and I got seduced by one colorful rug that suits perfectly my bedroom!"

– Maria from Uetikon

"I was looking for a few rugs to complete my showroom of decoration in Zurich and I first ordered two small ones as samples to showcase then it attracted more clients. I am sure that Habiba will be a great help sourcing the best rugs from Morocco"

Josh, owner of interior design showroom in Zurich

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