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Give your home a bohemian style with this unique berber rug handmade with natural wool


Nador Berber Rug

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Complete your space with one of asgunfa handmade rugs from Morocco’s atlas mountains.

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  • Dimensions: 95 cm x 153 cm
  • Color : Light white base with red, blue, green and black symbols
  • Design: Contemporary Berber rug
  • Fringes : Traditional, on one side
  • Material: 100% Wool
  • Moroccan Rug Style: Handmade Flatweave

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A unique and graphic medium sized rug woven in a soft hand spun cream wool with bold motifs woven in red, green and black wool with natural colors. The red coming from the poppy flower, the green coming from Alfalfa Lupulin, a common herb all over Morocco and black coming from natural khol used by women for makeup. This carpet relates a true history of Berber tribes. In fact, on both sides of the carpet you can witness two different tribes living in their Kasbahs then around the lozenge network, knives crossing each other symbolizing peace between the tribes.

The flat weaving technique really complements that strong design of Berber signs giving it such a tight and neat look in your living room or your bedroom or just fills an empty space. The colors also really make a statement on that natural wool.

It’s intriguing and yet bold - just such a charismatic rug. What a great gift to yourself or to the ones you love for Christmas !

Our commitment to the weavers

All our rugs are handmade by Moroccan women. This knowledge and inspiration have been transmitted through generations. You may notice some flaws on the rug, they are just a result of its authenticity in addition to its uniqueness and beauty.

We support women's weaving cooperatives throughout Morocco and build a long standing relationship with these talented artisans. By buying this rug you will directly support these women and their families.

Bring the Moroccan travel experience home now by buying this rug here or experience the authentic and exclusive travel road trip that we made for you.

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PS : We made this description in English to suit everyone, for more information don't hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to answer your questions in all languages.

It's of course possible to make a personalized rug for you to relate your own story.

Additional information


95 cm


153 cm


Light white base with red, blue, green and black symbols


Contemporary Berber rug


Traditional, on one side


100% sheep wool

Moroccan Rug Style

Handmade Flatweave


Handmade by artisans in Morocco

Reviewed by asgunfa in Switzerland

100 % Natural wool and colors


Shipping is 100% carbon offset

Product purchased is a tree planted

Fair trade


Try it or return it within 14 days

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